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Aqua Safe Aerobic Septic Systems
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Experience the Benefits of Aqua Safe Aerobic Septic Systems

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Does your home have a septic system? Is your septic system prone to line clogs, overflows, and other problems? If so, you could be a great candidate for an aerobic septic system by Aqua Safe. Sewer & Septic Specialist is an authorized dealer of Aqua Safe systems throughout Central Illinois. Don’t put up with the frustrations of a conventional septic system – call the pros at Sewer & Septic Specialist to see what an anaerobic system can do for you!

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Benefits of Aqua Safe Systems

When it comes to Aqua Safe systems, you’ll be able to experience all the benefits of an aerobic septic system from one of the top brands in the industry. Not only will you receive a quality product from expert technicians, but you’ll be able to experience all the benefits of a new aerobic system. Choosing a new aerobic septic system could have you seeing the following benefits:

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How Do Aqua Safe Systems Work?

The Aqua Safe sewage treatment plant, in many ways, is a scaled-down version of the larger township and municipal sewage treatment facilities. It employs an extended aeration activated sludge process. This type of treatment depends primarily upon the use of air that is introduced by passing from the blower to four airlines located around the perimeter of the mixing chamber.

Aqua Safe plants are made up of an outer mixing tank, and a center settling chamber called a clarifier. Raw unsettled wastewater from your home enters directly into the mixing tank where simple hydraulic displacement is accomplished by the introduction of air, which promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria in much larger amounts than would naturally occur. These break down the organic solids in the wastewater.

From the outer mixing tank or aeration chamber, mixed liquid enters the cone-shaped settling chamber, better known as the clarifier, from the bottom. No mixing occurs in this quiet zone where solids separate from the liquid and settle to the bottom of the clarifier and re-enter the mixing chamber. The liquid that separates from the solids in the clarifier continues to flow upward to the discharge pipe.

The results of the Aqua Safe process are a clear, odorless, effluent discharge that meets or exceeds state water quality standards.