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Are your drains slow? Do they keep clogging? This could be a sign that you have a clog or major blockage somewhere in your system. It’s time to call your local sewer and septic professionals for a complete video inspection of your system that will get things moving again. At Septic Specialist, we have video inspection technology that is sure to help us see every inch of your system for fast, effective clog removal. What are you waiting for? Don’t keep putting up with slow drains and frequent clogs – call for an inspection and cleaning from your local Septic Specialist!

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TV Video Inspections

Video inspection technology has provided one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods for inspecting sewer and septic systems. This process involves a camera on a long hose that snakes its way through your system, documenting every inch so that we can find any problems that are causing problems at your home. From tree roots to pipe breaks and more, you can count on our staff for sewer and septic inspections.

Benefits of Video Inspections

  • Can be used for sewer or septic systems
  • Fast, efficient service won’t have you waiting all day
  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Service is damage-free
  • Identify problems before they become catastrophes
  • Prevent future problems

Why do I need a video inspection?

Some people wonder why a video inspection of their system is necessary if it’s working fine. Unfortunately, many times there won’t be any noticeable problems inside the home until your plumbing problem has gotten out of control. That’s where regular maintenance and video inspections come in. With regular inspections, we can see every inch of your system, which helps us identify problems and prevent future issues with your system.

Video inspection can help identify the following problems:

  • Cracked Pipes
  • Clogged Pipes
  • Invasive Tree Roots
  • Septic Tank Punctures
  • Sagging Lines
  • More…
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