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At Septic Specialist, we know that over a quarter of American homes rely on septic systems for the treatment of waste and wastewater. Additionally, to avoid septic repairs, it’s vital that you adhere to proper maintenance protocols to ensure your system is always functioning its best. Septic systems should be thoroughly inspected and cleaned at least every three years, and they should be inspected more frequently if your system experiences higher than average usage.

Common Septic System Problems

  • Tank Overflow – Whether due to a spike in usage or a problem with your system, tank overflows are messy and expensive to repair. Contact us for service from professionals that take pride in doing these dirty jobs.
  • Cracked Tank – While septic tanks are sturdy, they can be cracked by shifts in the ground, tree roots and more. We’ll provide repair or replacement of your septic tank.
  • Broken Pipe – A broken pipe can cause untreated sewage and wastewater to leak into your yard, causing a health hazard for you and neighbors.
  • Drain Field Piping – When there’s a problem with drain field piping, you’ll notice it. Drain field problems can cause a backed up system.
  • Broken Septic Baffles – A deteriorated septic tank is usually caused by acid and rust that eats away at the materials. We provide a complete replacement of septic tank baffles.
  • Bacteria – Many times, the bacteria at the bottom of the tank may die, causing waste and sludge to build up.
  • Tree Roots – Invasive tree roots can cause wide range problems including damage to the septic tank, pipes, drain field and more.
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Septic System Maintenance

When it comes to septic systems, it’s vital to adhere to proper maintenance procedures to ensure a long lifespan for your system. At Septic Specialist, we offer maintenance programs that provide inspections and cleanings to ensure your system is always functioning at optimal levels. Read on for things that you can do to maintain your tank in between professional cleanings properly!

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Best Septic Maintenance Tips

  • Abstain from putting fats, grease, oils, fuels, disposable diapers, coffee grounds, egg shells, nut shells, cigarettes, sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, paper towels, rags, paints or chemicals into the system.
  • Keep people and things off of your drain field to avoid damage to the system pipes from compacted soil.
  • Avoid using the garbage disposal as this creates food waste that clogs septic systems.
  • Use proper drainage to direct runoff water away from the tank to avoid damage.
  • Use water efficiently to reduce the amount of water that moves through the system.