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How to Avoid a Septic System Backup
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Two plumbers standing by a septic tank and a large blue pump to remove excess water from filling a septic tank in Springfield, IL

How to Avoid a Septic System Backup

The last thing any homeowner wants is to have their septic system backed up into their yard and home. It may seem impossible to control, however, there are a handful of tips that every homeowner should know to prevent a backup from taking place. At Septic Specialists in Springfield, IL, and the surrounding areas, we offer expert septic pump cleaning services as well as residential and commercial repair and maintenance services to keep your septic systems in shape for decades to come. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call our technicians today!

Only Flush Waste to Avoid Septic System Backup

This may seem like an obvious way to avoid clogging your toilet; however, homeowners often experience septic system backups due to foreign objects being flushed down their toilet. While many of these instances come from children accidentally flushing their favorite toy down the toilet, homeowners themselves are also responsible. Everything from feminine products and ‘flushable’ wipes to grease and foods can clog your septic system and are never meant to be flushed down your toilet. If your septic system is backed up due to an overflowing toilet, call Septic Specialists in Springfield, IL to have the issue fixed in no time.

Keep Grease & Excess Food Away From Kitchen Drain

Yellow drops of grease sitting in a kitchen sink in Springfield, IL that was recently poured down the drain and making the drain clogged.

One of the surest ways to induce a septic system backup is by dumping grease and excess food down your kitchen sink. When grease travels down your drain, it immediately sticks to the sides of your pipes, creating serious drainage and backup issues in the future if done consistently.  To prevent your septic system from backing up, place any large pieces of food and excess grease in your garbage can, using a small container like a bin or plastic bag to ensure grease does not leak through. Give Septic Specialists a call today for your next septic cleaning, repair, or maintenance service in Springfield, IL.

Manage Your Water Usage

While we don’t recommend ever putting a limit on the amount of water you use, that’s the whole point of a quality septic tank, right? We do advise, however, to manage the water you are using in a shorter period of time. Too much water usage not only raises your monthly water bill but can lead to a backup in your septic system, resulting in potential water damage to your home. If you notice that sewage is backing up into your home’s drains or you notice a foul odor outside of your home, give Septic Specialists in Springfield, IL a call immediately. We handle everything from septic pumping to septic tank repair.

Get Your Septic System Pumped Before Holidays

Professional sewer and septic specialist using a commercial hose from their vehicle to pump a full septic system in Springfield, IL.

Believe it or not, around the holidays, a majority of homeowners use twice as much water as usual to accommodate frequent visitors, large family dinners, and constant cleaning. While most septic tanks are designed to hold thousands of gallons of water, using too much water in a short period of time can cause your septic tank to back up. To prevent your home from water damage due to an overflowing septic tank, call Septic Specialists in Springfield, IL for expert septic pumping services. We will pump your septic tank to remove excess water that may be harmful to your home. Give us a call today at (217) 855-5622!

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