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The Do’s and Don’ts of Septic Maintenance

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Septic Maintenance

Septic systems are an essential component of many Decatur, IL homes, serving as a safe and efficient way to treat and dispose wastewater. With proper septic system maintenance from Sewer & Septic Specialists, our experts will be able to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your system. To help you keep your septic system in good working order, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts of septic maintenance.

Do Pump Your Septic Tank Regularly

An important part of septic tank maintenance is pumping your septic tank every 3-5 years. How big your household is can depend on how often your tank needs to be pumped. The more people who use it, the more water flows and the more it fills up. Regular pumping will prevent sludge and scum from building up and clogging your system.

Do Use Water Efficiently

It’s important to be cautious about how much water you use daily. Conserving water is an essential part of septic system maintenance. Avoid taking long showers, using the dishwasher and washing machine for only short loads of dishes and laundry, and be sure to repair any leaky faucets or toilets as soon as possible. Excessive water use can strain your septic system and cause backups.

Do Arrange Regular Septic Tank Inspections

It’s important to schedule a septic tank inspection every three years. Regular inspections are essential to catch any potential issues before they become major problems and you are left with costly repairs. When you receive septic tank maintenance from Sewer & Septic Specialist, we will inspect the aeration pump, filters, and much more to ensure everything continues to run properly.

Don’t Put Harsh Chemicals Down the Drain

You should never pour harsh household chemicals down the drain. These household cleaners have chemicals that kill the beneficial bacteria in your septic system that help break down waste. When your system cannot break down solids, it can lead to your septic backing up. Avoid using bleach, drain cleaners, and other chemicals that can harm your septic system.

Don’t Drain Grease into Your System

Many Decatur, IL homeowners believe their garbage disposal can easily break down grease and food scraps they toss into the sink. However, pouring grease and oil into your septic system can obstruct drain fields. This could lead to expensive septic system replacements or repairs. Avoid future septic system issues, and dispose of fats, oils, and grease in the garbage.

Don’t Park on Your Septic Tank

If you have a septic system, preventing vehicle traffic or parking on or nearby is crucial to avoid potential damage. Parking on top of your septic tank could put pressure on the tank and result in pipe damage, leading to leaks. To keep your septic tank in good condition, install it in a soft soil area where cars will not drive over it. These procedures will help you avoid costly repairs and maintain your septic system in working order for many years.

Get In Touch with Sewer & Septic Specialist

A well-maintained septic system is an essential part of a healthy home. By following these simple guidelines, you can keep your septic system functioning properly and prevent potential problems from arising. If you seek septic system maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at Sewer & Septic Specialist by calling 217.855.5622.

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