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The Importance of Septic System Maintenance
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A professional technician inspects a septic system at a Lincoln, IL residence to ensure it is functioning properly.

The Importance of Septic System Maintenance

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to maintain the systems in your house because they all contribute to it functioning correctly. However, when it comes to your septic system, you should follow maintenance procedures to ensure it continues to work for as long as possible. At Sewer & Septic Specialist, we offer inspections, cleanings, and other maintenance programs to ensure your system is at its healthiest so it can function at its ideal level. We are happy to offer our specialized septic services, but there are also things you can do in between professional cleanings to help adequately maintain your system. Contact us today to learn more about why septic system maintenance is essential and how we can help!

Your Septic System is Vital to Your Home

Even if you don’t notice it, your septic system works hard in your home 24 hours a day by treating and disposing of household waste. Because of this, your septic system is a vital part of your home. A neglected system that isn’t appropriately maintained can lead to serious problems like overflowing septic tanks or toilets that could bring toxic sewage into your home. Not to mention the unpleasant odor that will accompany such a situation. But, of course, we know every homeowner wants to avoid that. So, why not schedule regular septic tank maintenance with our team of experts? We’ll help you avoid unnecessary issues and keep your home operating smoothly.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Many benefits come with regular maintenance of your septic system. Not only will you prevent a septic tank disaster, but you can also help lower the cost of your system’s upkeep and improve its efficiency. All these benefits will help you save money, which all homeowners appreciate. Routine maintenance will also increase your property value and lessen your environmental impact. In addition, proper care can reduce odors and prevent the contamination of your home and yard, so you won’t have to worry about unhealthy conditions or costly cleanups. Investing in our maintenance services now will save you a lot of unnecessary stress and expenses in the future.

Can Avoid Common Septic System Problems

The most crucial advantage of regular septic system maintenance is that you will ensure it continues to function properly so you can avoid common problems that will cost time, stress, and money. Our experts at Sewer & Septic Specialists are here to help you, but we’d help you bypass these issues so you don’t have to pay the bill for repairs and cleanup services. Of course, as a homeowner, you’re going to want to do everything you can to protect your property and prevent these problems from occurring:

  • Broken Pipe or Baffles
  • Overflowing Tank
  • Formation of Bacteria
  • Drain Field Piping
  • Tree Root Damage
  • Cracks in the Tank

Best Tips for Septic Maintenance

The best way to save money on septic tank repair services is not to need them in the first place. Following our maintenance tips can help ensure that your system stays healthy and continues to function at its optimum level. First, you should avoid putting certain substances into the system that could clog it, including grease, oils, cigarettes, diapers, paints, and harsh chemicals. Second, keep people or heavy items off your drain field to avoid damage to your system’s pipes from compacted soil. Third, you can use your garbage disposal less and dispose of food waste in your garbage can instead. Fourth, it would be best to use proper drainage to ensure the runoff water is directed away from your tank. Lastly, please use water efficiently to reduce the amount of water the system has to process. If you still need professional services, you know who to call: Sewer & Septic Specialist at 217.855.5622.

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