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3 Signs Your Home Needs a New Septic System
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Two plastic underground septic tanks used for harvesting and recycling rainwater at this Bloomington, IL residence.

3 Signs Your Home Needs a New Septic System

Own a septic system? It’s essential to ensure your tank is working correctly at all times to avoid backups or other problems with the system. If you notice anything wrong with your septic system, contact Sewer & Septic Specialist in Bloomington, Illinois, for a professional inspection. Not sure if your system needs to be replaced? Here are some critical signs that indicate you need a new septic system on your property.

Backed-Up Pipes

If you’re experiencing frequent backup issues with your pipes, that indicates a problem with your septic system. It could start to break down, and if the system fails, you could face problems like raw sewage cycling back into your home through the toilets and drains, accompanied by various unpleasant smells. Hopefully, it is just an issue of clogged pipes that can be easily repaired, but you don’t want to take the risk of neglecting your system if it’s more serious. So instead, call a professional plumber for an inspection. Our experts at Sewer & Septic Specialist in Bloomington, IL, are always ready to assist you.

Puddles or Greener Grass in Your Yard

Are there puddles forming in your yard when it hasn’t been raining? That could be a bad sign for your septic system. Also, check for pools around where your septic tank is located. It’s likely the system is not disposing of wastewater correctly; if that’s the case, you may need to replace it. Also, look for patches of grass that are exceptionally green, as that indicates it is getting extra water and fertilizer, pointing towards a leak or breakdown in your system. To know for sure what the problem is, consult an expert. The number for Septic Specialists is 217.855.5622.

Problems with Your Septic System

There are some common signs to determine if your septic tank is functioning correctly. If you notice any issues with your tank, it could be time to replace it. For example, if your tank overflows frequently, it is likely not disposed of your wastewater properly. Also, if there is a lot of solid waste within the tank, the system is not breaking down successfully, leading to further clogs. Both issues should be taken seriously, and we encourage you to confide in a plumber for their professional septic system services.

Benefits of Investing in a New Septic System

When your old system is failing, you don’t have much choice, and as a homeowner, you’re not going to want to live with constant sewage problems in your home. It’s a necessity to have properly functioning plumbing. So, make the wise investment of getting a new septic system, so you don’t have to stress about plumbing problems. It is more affordable than you might think and will be an investment that lasts. Consult with our experts at Sewer & Septic Specialist in Bloomington, IL, and we’ll walk you through all the benefits you’ll enjoy with your new system.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Long-Lasting Lifespan
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Inexpensive Cost
  • Healthier Home
  • Improved Functionality

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