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What Are the Benefits of a Video Sewer Inspection?
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A professional technician employs the useful technique of a video inspection in Bloomington, IL.

What Are the Benefits of a Video Sewer Inspection?

At Sewer & Septic Specialist, we are your local choice for sewer and septic system inspections, and we have the best equipment and tools of the trade to provide you with a comprehensive service. Ask yourself if your drains are slow or constantly getting clogged because those signs could indicate a significant blockage somewhere within your system.

Sewer & Septic System Inspections

As experts in our field, we advise taking advantage of our video inspection service so we can get eyes on your problem and its exact location. Once we know what and where it is, we can take care of your clog and make sure your pipes are restored to clean and functional. We serve customers in Bloomington, IL, so call us today at 217.855.5622 to schedule an inspection!

Video Inspections

Our quality video inspection technology is one of the most efficient, simplistic, and inexpensive methods for inspecting your home’s sewer and septic systems. The process involves our expert technicians using a camera attached to a long hose. We insert the hose into your system, and as it snakes its way through the pipes, it documents everything and pulls up a clear picture on our video screen so we can see exactly what the problem is and where it’s located. Whether it’s a clog, cracks in your pipes, or tree root infiltration, we’ll determine the issue and resolve it immediately. Then, at Sewer & Septic Specialists, you can rely on our professional services to restore your home.

Benefits of Video Inspections

Our video inspections help ascertain the problem with your septic or sewer system. As experts in the field, we readily stand by this service we are proud to provide to our valued customers. When you are experiencing problems with your home’s septic systems, we hope you’ll contact our team of professionals to assist you. We will gladly provide you with expert service and advice. In addition, we hope you consider letting us perform a video inspection because many benefits come with utilizing our specialized equipment and expertise.

  • For Sewer or Septic Systems
  • Damage-Free, Professional Service
  • Identify Problem Quickly
  • Prevent Future Issues
  • Fast and Efficient Service
  • Cost-Effective and Affordable

Why Do I Need a Video Inspection?

As a homeowner, you may wonder why you need a video inspection and how you can benefit from it. You may think your system is working fine, but unfortunately, there may not be any noticeable problems until the situation becomes severe. That’s why we advise routinely inspecting your home’s sewer or septic systems to ensure they continue functioning properly. Better to prevent a problem than ignore it until it becomes catastrophic. Video inspections detect cracked pipes, clogs, tree roots, sagging lines, septic tank punctures, and more. Regular video inspections allow us to see all parts of your system to identify potential problems and avoid future issues before they manifest. Contact our experts today to learn more!

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