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A New Year’s To-Do List for Your Septic Tank
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Girl in Decatur, IL writing a to-do list of things she needs to have done with her septic tank before the new year.

A New Year’s To-Do List for Your Septic Tank

As the new year begins, it brings a season of resolutions and aspirations for many residents of Decatur, IL. Whether your goals involve adopting healthier eating habits, engaging in regular workouts, or working towards saving money, it is essential to remember the responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. Among the many plans, one crucial aspect that often goes unnoticed but demands attention is home maintenance, particularly the care of your septic tanks. At Sewer & Septic Specialist, we recognize the significance of your septic tank and its role in your household. That’s why we are always prepared to provide our exceptional septic services. So, let us embark on this new year together with a specially curated to-do list focusing on the well-being of your septic system.

Pump Your Tank

What better way to embark on a fresh start for the new year than to schedule getting your septic tank pumped? Over time, solid waste accumulates within the tank, making it advisable to have it cleaned every two to three years, considering the size of your household and tank. Given that the holiday season often welcomes an influx of guests to your home, it’s not uncommon for the tank to fill up more rapidly than usual. That’s why it becomes essential to prioritize septic tank pumping to maintain optimal functionality.

Conserve Water

The well-being of your septic tank is closely linked to your water usage. Conserving water contributes to a healthier environment and helps alleviate the strain on your septic system. The more water you consume at home, the harder your septic tank works. The best way to conserve water effectively is to promptly address any leaks and adopt water-saving habits such as taking shorter showers and using the dishwasher or washing machine only when fully loaded.

Watch For Warning Signs

As you enter the new year, avoiding the hassle of dealing with waste buildup in your septic tank is essential. When waste accumulates in your home, it becomes prone to clogging. However, by promptly identifying the problem, you can resolve it before it causes extensive damage to the entire system. Pay close attention to warning signs indicating your septic system requires cleaning, such as unpleasant odors, slow drainage, gurgling noises from pipes, or water puddles. By remaining alert and contacting Sewer & Septic Specialist, our dedicated team will promptly address these issues. Together, we can ensure your septic tank’s smooth and trouble-free operation, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free new year.

Schedule Routine Inspections with Sewer & Septic Specialist

Septic tanks also demand regular checkups like any other system in your Decatur, IL home. Our team of experts at Sewer & Septic Specialist is here to assist you with the comprehensive septic tank inspections on your New Year’s to-do list. It would be best to have your tank inspected at least once a year to guarantee its smooth operation. During our inspection, we will carefully examine your septic system, checking for any potential leaks, blockages, or malfunctions to ensure everything is operating properly. By scheduling routine inspections with us, you can prevent costly repairs in the future.

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