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Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Sewer Drains
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A plumber in a red shirt looking at a sink drain to provide essential spring cleaning services to prevent clogs in Decatur, IL.

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Sewer Drains

Spring cleaning isn’t just dusting off the hard-to-reach shelves and getting rid of old junk. It’s about clearing out everything that has built up over the winter months as Springfield, IL residents emerge from the harsh winter hibernation. An often-overlooked part of your home is the septic system including your sewer drains.

Sewer & Septic Specialist is a locally owned and operated sewer service company comprised of expert plumbing contractors that know the septic installation requirements of Springfield, whether it’s connected to public utilities or housed on the property.

Don’t Forget About Drain Cleaning

A plumber using a drain cleaning tool in a residential home to provide spring drain cleaning services in Decatur, IL.

Every drain in your home can carry hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of wastewater out of your home every week. When one of these drains becomes clogged, you need to find a plumber available to address the problem as soon as possible. An emergency plumber, often advertised as a 24-hour plumber, can always address a plumbing repair but there are steps you can take to avoid the need for a midnight house call.

Plumbing companies often advise customers of different tips and tricks to make sewer maintenance within the home easy. Most home clogs can be blamed on excess hair in the sewer drains. Placing hair catchers over the shower drain and making sure the sink doesn’t receive extra hair are excellent starting points to avoid the need for a septic repair as long as possible.

If your home has a garbage disposal in the kitchen, run warm water down the drain with the disposal turned on to help break up food waste.

Professional Sewer Spring Cleaning

A large sewage truck container and pump cleaning the sewer drains on a residential property in Decatur, IL for spring drain cleaning.

Plumbing services don’t need to be in reaction to a problem. Sewer & Septic Specialist works with homes and businesses throughout the Springfield area. Septic system repair and septic installation are often needed during remodeling or new construction that uses existing utility connections. Current homes will benefit from advanced plumbing technology in the form of video drain inspections.

These video inspections let us navigate the septic plumbing and figure out exactly where the problem lies while being as non-intrusive as possible no matter how complex of a system you have. Our team here at Sewer & Septic Specialist shares a passion for keeping clients comfortable in the face of an often-unsavory situation.

Families and Businesses Need Clean Sewer Drains

Springfield, IL is home to some of the most caring families and community-forward businesses. One type of local business that needs extra care for its septic system is the restaurant industry. Grease trap cleaning is something that many restaurant owners aren’t told about when opening their dream location.

Grease traps separate grease and oils that can’t be processed by water treatment plants and is vital to the process. A clogged grease trap can cause other drains to backup and also cease to function properly. When you need a reliable septic and sewer servicing company, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Sewer & Septic Specialist no matter the size of the job.

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