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What To Expect Out of a Sewer Cleaning Service
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A green hose pumping a sewer system for a general sewage cleaning service at a residential home in Decatur, IL.

What To Expect Out of a Sewer Cleaning Service

Sewer & Septic Specialist is Decatur’s premier sewer cleaning company helping serve Illinois residents and their septic system needs every single day. Our work takes place behind-the-scenes more often than not, leaving homeowners wondering what exactly is going on with their plumbing. We don’t just staff plumbers on our team, we have fully-trained plumbing contractors that can tackle any job related to sewer maintenance. See what else makes Sewer & Septic Specialist a cut above other plumbing companies in the area.

Sewer Cleaning Involves Multiple Steps

Two professional sewer cleaning technicians in Decatur, IL using a red and black hose to clean the inside of a residential sewer.

Many Decatur houses will be connected to the city’s sewer service but those who have septic tanks on their property will need different plumbing services in the event of a septic system repair. Even if it’s a midnight call for an emergency plumber, our team will always go through the steps needed to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Once someone from Sewer & Septic Specialist team is on-site, they’ll ask some general questions about the septic installation for the home to understand the system. Each drain and plumbing fixture is checked to see if that’s where the problem lies as many backups can be fixed with professional drain cleaning.

Who Benefits From Sewer Services?

A plumber in a residential home in Decatur, IL checking the kitchen sink drains for sewage that needs to be cleaned.

Most home and business owners will be familiar with the process of calling a 24-hour plumber to handle a plumbing repair quickly and quietly with minimal impact on guests in the building. Septic plumbing systems are designed to carry wastewater to treatment facilities or septic tanks, but these solutions aren’t meant to handle substances like grease and oil.

Grease traps were developed to separate these harmful oils. Grease trap cleaning is a routine piece of maintenance for restaurants and commercial kitchens but tends to be overlooked by new and old restaurateurs alike. A full grease trap is often the culprit for sewer system backups if it isn’t properly drained.

Professional Sewer Services Don’t Have To Be Difficult

Due to the complicated nature of septic and sewer systems, it’s highly recommended to work with a trusted sewer cleaning company that understands the needs of local homes and businesses. Whether it’s a new septic system installation or a quick visit to clear a blockage, our team’s goal is to operate with the smallest impact on residents and guests possible.

Video drain inspections have made this even easier as entire septic systems can be audited and diagnosed. If you’re needing septic and sewer cleaning services or simply want to have a reliable plumbing contractor on call, it’s as easy as giving us a call to see just how seamless we make the experience.

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