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The Top Causes of Smelly Septic Tanks in Bloomington IL

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The Top Causes of Smelly Septic Tanks in Bloomington IL

Why is my septic tank smelling so bad?

septic tank pumping

There are few things that smell worse than a stinky septic tank. When you catch a whiff of raw sewage coming from your yard or in your home, you need to contact a septic and sewer service right away. The faster you get to the bottom of the smell, the fresher your home will smell. The good news is that many of the solutions for a smelly septic tank are straightforward and don’t take much time at all. Keep reading to learn more about the main reasons for a bad-smelling septic system.

Dry Drains

All drains need to have water moving through them to prevent them from going dry. Why does this matter so much? When there’s water in pipes and drains, sewer gases are trapped, and they don’t enter the home. Dry drains happen when there’s a clog in the septic system line that’s not letting water through and sewer gases are getting out. This is the foul smell that has permeated your house.

Blocked Venting Systems

Did the foul odor suddenly become noticeable after you landscaped or had other work done around the house? If so, the problem could be that the venting system has been blocked. You want to get this checked out right away because when septic vents don’t work right sewer gases get trapped in the wastewater and lead to toxic situations. Trapped sewer gases are highly flammable and can cause serious damage. The best way to prevent this from happening is to mark the vent locations prior to having work done to avoid accidental blockage.

Dirty Septic Tank

While dry drains and blocked vents do cause foul odors, the most common reason for a smelly septic system is a dirty septic tank. Your septic system has a tank that collects solids and hold them until they are removed. Solid waste can’t be treated and released into your yard. Instead it needs to be pumped out of the tank and removed by septic tank pumping companies like Sewer & Septic Specialist Inc. The raw sewage is then treated at an off-site location.

awful smells due to your septic tank

To prevent raw sewage smells in your yard or home, you must adhere to a regular septic pumping schedule. This means having pumping services done on average once every 3-5 years. If you have a home that’s used as vacation property or second home and isn’t occupied often, you may not need pumping services as much. Likewise, if you have a large household and a home with several bathrooms, you may require pumping service more frequently. The exact pumping schedule should be decided upon by you and your plumbing professional.

Do you need septic tank pumping in Bloomington, IL? To keep your septic system free of damage and to minimize bad odors, it’s important to work with an established pumping company. Doing so ensures that your septic system will work as it was intended without interruption for many years to come. It also means you won’t have to worry about clogged drains, overflowing tanks, and other problems associated with overfilled septic systems. To learn more about septic pumping services, contact the pros at Sewer & Septic Specialist, Inc., today!

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