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What is an Aqua Safe Aerobic Septic System & Why Do You Need It?
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What is an Aqua Safe Aerobic Septic System & Why Do You Need It?

A well-functioning septic system is a crucial part of any residential property because household waste cannot be disposed of properly without it. An aerobic septic system is a sewage treatment system similar to a septic tank but on a smaller scale. It uses an aerobic process for absorption and produces a high-quality discharge of waste which can be sterilized and used for irrigation purposes. The Aqua Safe aerobic septic system is a sturdy, reliable product that will supply a beneficial amount of oxygen to the good bacteria in your septic system and help them break down the organic solids in the wastewater. The result of the Aqua Safe process is a clear, odorless effluent that meets state water quality standards. Sewer & Septic Specialist is an authorized dealer of Aqua Safe systems in Lincoln, IL. Call us today at 217.855.5622 to learn how an aerobic system can benefit your home!

Environmentally Friendly

Aqua Safe products are fairly self-reliant and require minimal monitoring. Once installed, they will operate independently. They are also very environmentally friendly because, with an aerobic septic system, water is moved through the system, treated, and then recycled to be used elsewhere. For example, water used for showering or laundry can be recycled and used to water your lawn. So, if you want to help the environment and make the most use of your water, go green and invest in an Aqua Safe aerobic septic system.

Breaks Down Waste & Reduces Contamination

An aerobic septic system can be much more efficient than a typical septic system, as it breaks down solid wastes quickly and efficiently. This prevents the waste from accumulating to hazardous levels, so you won’t need to pump your septic tank as often. In addition, an Aqua Safe aerobic septic system provides you with treated effluent that is cleaner, so experiencing groundwater contamination is less likely. Because of efficient waste breakdown and the reduction of contamination, you will also notice fewer odors with your aerobic septic system.

Takes Up Very Little Space

If you have a current septic system in your home, we advise you to look it over and observe how much space it takes up in your home. The size of your septic tank is usually determined by how many people reside in your home, so if you have a large family, your septic tank may require a lot of space. If you want to save that space, consider switching to an Aqua Safe aerobic septic system. Comparatively, they need very little space, and you can select the correct size. Most local regulations advise that the unit be big enough to manage 500 gallons of wastewater daily.

Lasts Long and Saves You Money

Your Aqua Safe aerobic septic system can last up to 40 years on average when installed and maintained correctly. The longevity of this product is truly impressive. Aqua Safe products are reliable and have a long life when adequately cared for and preserved. In addition, they are cost-efficient, and any problems that may arise will be small, easy, and inexpensive to repair. Fortunately, the system treats most of the wastewater inside the tank, so the drain field does not need frequent repair services. Avoiding unnecessary repairs will save you money. Contact us today if you’re interested in this investment!

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