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What to Do When Your Septic Pump Goes Out

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Professional septic tank cleaning specialist using a commercial septic pump to drain sewage from a residential property in Springfield, IL.

What to Do When Your Septic Pump Goes Out

Your septic pump is essential for keeping your home from flooding due to overflowing water and preventing contamination of sewer water from entering your water line. If you notice that your septic pump has stopped working, there could be several issues to explain its lack of power or function. Thankfully, at Septic Specialists in Springfield, IL, we have put together a list of things every homeowner should do before we get there. Keep reading below to learn more!

Make Sure the Power is On

Often when homes lose power due to a storm or unusually high-power demands in the area, the septic pump is one of the first appliances to be affected. Any loss of power can trip the breaker in your home, forcing your outlets to lose power and therefore shut off your pump. If this is the case, carefully switch the breaker back on, unplug your septic pump and replug it back in to see if power to your system is restored. If not, there may be an underlying power issue that is at play. Call Septic Specialists in Springfield, IL to have your septic pump checked when it is no longer receiving power.

Check for A Clog

An expert sewer and septic specialist using a septic pump to drain a septic tank from a residential homeowner’s property in Springfield, IL.

To check and see if your septic pump is clogged, you will need to turn off your septic system, put on some gloves, and raise your ejector pump from your septic tank to check if anything is clogged in the bottom impellor. If so, then that is most likely the reason why it stopped working. Clogs typically happen when things like baby wipes, food, or other debris are flushed down your toilet repeatedly. Thankfully, this is an easy fix that can be taken care of by a professional; at Septic Specialists, we have years of experience providing septic cleaning, repair, and maintenance services in Springfield, IL. Call today for a free estimate or emergency septic service!

Check the Float Switch

One of the most important steps to take when your septic pump goes out is to check the float switch to ensure that it is still functioning properly. A float switch is designed to control the levels of water that enter your septic pump to prevent flooding or high-water levels, however, without any power, your float switch is no longer able to detect rising water levels. Start by following the electrical cords attached to your pump to the outlet powering the system and checking to make sure that the outlet is receiving power. If there is power, you may just have a bad float switch that needs to be replaced. For that, you can rely on Septic Specialists in Springfield, IL.

Call the Professionals at Septic Specialists

A sewer and septic specialist using a grey septic pump to drain a septic tank from a residential homeowner’s property in Springfield, IL.

If you have tried everything to get your septic pump to start back up and nothing seems to be working, give our experts a call at Septic Specialists to have it repaired in no time. Whether your septic pump needs to have a small part repaired or needs to be replaced entirely, we have every style, model, and pump size for you to choose from. Get quality and affordable 24/7 emergency septic services in Springfield, IL when the unexpected takes place.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, call us today at (217) 855-5622 to schedule or request a service for your septic pump.

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