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Why Every Home Buyer Should Request a Septic Inspection
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A couple looking at a home in Springfield, IL that requires a septic inspection before closing.

Why Every Home Buyer Should Request a Septic Inspection

If you are on the lookout for a forever home and it happens to have a septic system, you must invest in a thorough septic inspection service before signing any papers. Septic systems are extremely reliable, but without proper maintenance, can become a real headache for homeowners. Our team at Septic Specialists in Springfield, IL has put together a list of reasons why every homeowner should request a septic inspection when viewing their dream home. Keep reading to learn more!

Know What to Expect

After months of house hunting you’ve finally found your dream home, so the first thing any homeowner would do is put an offer in, however, little do you know that your dream home is suffering from a faulty septic tank. The last thing you want is unexpected plumbing and septic issues from your newly purchased home, that’s why our team at Septic Specialists are here to provide septic inspection services to ensure the health, safety, and longevity of your home’s septic system before signing the papers. Know what to expect when you invest in our plumbing services in Springfield, IL.

A professional septic and sewer specialist inspection and pumping a septic tank on a residential property in Springfield, IL.

Save Thousands in Repairs

As a homeowner, we know that if there is any way to prevent spending thousands of dollars on repairs that you will want to know about it. When looking to buy your dream home, Septic Specialists recommend investing in a septic inspection to get an idea of the state your system is in, and any repairs needed to extend its lifespan. Our team conducts quality and efficient video inspections to detect any septic repairs necessary to restore so that you never have to worry about emergencies with your plumbing system.

Learn Ways to Protect Your Home

Contacting a professional septic company is the best way for you to receive insight on how to protect your home. Our team at Septic Specialists in Springfield, IL will inform homeowners of the functioning and required maintenance needed to keep your septic tank in working order and able to last its expected lifespan. For ways on how to protect your dream home, trust our experts to inspect and provide detail on how to protect your home long term.

A family in white t-shirts carrying boxes into a newly bought home that has had a septic inspection in Springfield, IL.

Make Sure it’s What Your Family Needs

Septic systems are a great addition to homes in Springfield, IL, however, a home that has the wrong size septic tank can be just as much of a problem as if it needed extensive repairs. If you have a family of 3 or 4, chances are a standard tank is perfect for your frequented use; a larger family of 5 or 6 with a smaller sized septic tank will require frequent pumping services and long-term issues that cannot be resolved without replacing the tank entirely. For septic inspections, call our team at Septic Specialists at (217) 855-5622 and we will make sure your tank is the perfect size for your home.

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