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January 24, 2020
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The Benefits of Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps allow for the disposal of one of the primary byproducts of commercial food operations — grease fat. It allows grease, which is generated in bulk within many commercial kitchens, to be safely and effectively channeled away from the sewage system, where it would otherwise wreak havoc. Instead, it’s caught in a trap and […]

Tree Roots and Your Septic System: All You Should Know

There are few things worse than flushing your toilet and learning that you have a clog somewhere in your septic system. Under normal circumstances, as long as you perform regular maintenance on your septic tank, including septic tank pumping, your system will function reliably without inconvenient clogs. However, the tree roots from nearby trees can […]

Understanding the Dos and Don’t of Grease Trap Cleaning

Homeowners can usually avoid the problems associated with pouring grease down the drain by simply throwing it away rather than flushing it down the pipes. However, businesses and multifamily complexes can’t always control the grease that goes into the plumbing system, which is where grease traps come in handy. The grease traps keep grease out […]

3 Main Things You Should Know about Your Septic System

For those who live in areas without access to a local sanitary sewer, a septic system can be the best way to rid your home or business of wastewater. In many incorporated areas, sanitary sewer and wastewater management entities are responsible for the sewage once it flows down your drain. However, with a septic system, […]