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The Benefits of Regular Grease Trap Cleaning
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The Benefits of Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

Draining Oil Fat from Pan to Bucket Decatur, ILGrease traps allow for the disposal of one of the primary byproducts of commercial food operations — grease fat. It allows grease, which is generated in bulk within many commercial kitchens, to be safely and effectively channeled away from the sewage system, where it would otherwise wreak havoc. Instead, it’s caught in a trap and is periodically removed by grease trap cleaning services that dispose of the grease properly.

While some restaurant proprietors take a lackadaisical approach to the maintenance of the grease traps that protect their sewers from clogs and backups, it’s nonetheless important to engage in regular cleaning and maintenance. There are many benefits that restaurants can realize through regular grease trap cleaning in Decatur, IL. Keep reading to learn more about a few of these many benefits.

Prevents Clogs

When grease is flushed down a regular sewer pipe, it ends up causing clogs somewhere downstream from your kitchen. When grease is hot, it’s a liquid form, but when it cools, it becomes solid and waxy. When that happens, it can cling to the internal walls of your sewage plumbing, especially near bends and joints, where there’s a suitable anchor point for accumulation. Over time, those deposits of waxy fat can completely enclose sewer pipes, resulting in clogs that cause nasty, costly back-ups. Sewage back-ups aren’t just inconvenient in the context of a commercial kitchen, as restaurants depend on free-flowing sewer lines to engage in business. When the sewage backs up, the kitchen activity grinds to a halt. Regular grease trap cleaning will prevent back-ups of grease that will pour over into the sewer, causing clogs that can cost hundreds of dollars in cleaning and lost revenue.

Prevents Tank Damage

As grease and fat ages and breaks down in the tank of your grease trap, it undergoes some chemical changes that can wreak havoc on your system over time. Of particular concern is the sulfuric acid that is formed when fat and grease break down. That acid is a powerful corrosive that can damage the grease trap tank and back up to damage other components in the system if left uncleaned for long stretches of time. Cleaning removes grease from the trap before the sulfuric acid can develop, which will keep your system in good operating order.

Prevents Environmental Damage

An unattended grease trap that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time can constitute a significant threat to the local ecosystem. Grease traps have a finite capacity, and when they become overfilled, grease can leak out into the environment. That can lead to contamination of groundwater as well as surface bodies of water. Also, if the grease trap is full of old grease, the leakage can include sulfuric acid, which can damage local flora and pollute water as well.

Prevents Foul Odors

Grease in Grease Trap Decatur, ILGrease is considered an organic compound because it’s largely comprised of oils and fats derived from plants and animals. Therefore, as it ages and breaks down, it can release foul odors that can be overwhelming in the area of your grease trap. If left unmitigated for long, those unsavory smells can back up into the restaurant, which won’t endear your establishment to patrons. Those same smells will endear your establishment to vermin and other wildlife, however, which is even more reason to have your grease trap cleaned regularly.

If you own or operate a restaurant and utilize a grease trap, there are many benefits to regularly cleaning the trap. Doing so can prevent foul smells, messy and expensive clogs, and damaged equipment. To learn more about the benefits of regular grease trap cleaning, contact Sewer & Septic Specialist at (217) 855-5622.

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