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Tree Roots and Your Septic System: All You Should Know

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Tree Roots and Your Septic System: All You Should Know

There are few things worse than flushing your toilet and learning that you have a clog somewhere in your septic system. Under normal circumstances, as long as you perform regular maintenance on your septic tank, including Cement Septic Tank Near Tree Decatur, ILseptic tank pumping, your system will function reliably without inconvenient clogs. However, the tree roots from nearby trees can foul up your system quickly, which will require the assistance of drain cleaning in Decatur, IL, to get your system online once again.

Tree roots are such a problem for your septic system because they are relentless in their search for the very things your system will have in excess, namely water and nutrients. If they penetrate your tank or field lines, it could take more than a drain cleaning to restore your system to its full function. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about tree roots and your septic system.

Why Are Roots a Problem?

Roots can cause problems for your septic system even if you don’t know that there’s an issue. When roots find a way to grow into your septic system, the result can be thousands of dollars in damage. In some cases, you may even have to install a new septic system altogether. Roots can clog the pipes and drains that allow your system to function as it should. That can lead to annoying back-ups initially, but eventually, it can completely render your system inoperable.

Why Do Roots Seek Septic Systems?

Even if you don’t have any trees near your septic system, they can still be a problem. That’s because trees are constantly in search of two of the three basic needs that they have. Those resources, water and nutrients, can both be found in your septic system, so trees will fan out roots for what may seem like a great distance to get inside your septic tank and drain lines.

How to Know If Roots Are a Problem

You obviously can’t see into your septic tank, drains, or field lines, so it can sometimes be difficult to identify the problem when you experience reoccurring septic system issues. However, there some other factors that can indicate that tree roots may be the culprit behind your septic system woes. For example, if there are strong sewage odors near your house, if you have slow drains or frequent clogs, or if the ground around your septic tank is perpetually soggy, that could indicate roots have infiltrated your system. Also, if you see patches of green grass over your drain lines, that means tree roots have penetrated the drains and have allowed water and sewage to leak out steadily.

How to Remove Roots

Draining Septic Tank Decatur, ILWhen it comes to removing troublesome tree roots from your septic system, there are only two reliable ways to manage the situation effectively. One is to use root killing chemicals in your septic system. These chemicals, known as contact chemicals, will only kill the part of the tree they touch. In this case, that is the roots that have permeated your system. They spare the tree overall, however. The other method of removing roots is more labor-intensive, as it involves using machinery to clear the lines from the drains. In many cases, they grow back, but that method can provide temporary relief. Also, the area around the field lines and tank can be dug up, and the roots removed manually, but that’s a laborious process.

If you have a septic system and experience frequent clogs and perpetually slow drains, it may be because of tree roots that have infiltrated your system. To learn more about how tree roots can impact your septic system and septic tank pumping in Decatur, IL, contact Sewer & Septic Specialist Inc. at (217) 855-5622.

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